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Safin Hasan Biography: 22 year old youngest IPS officer of India

Are you preparing for some competitive exams? Do you think civil services are the toughest ones to crack in the world? Are you sure that to clear the civil services entrance exam you need several years to prepare? Obviously different people have different kinds and levels of abilities. You cannot compare one person to another on the same scale. Different factors result in different personalities. But if you are looking for some inspiring stories, here is one.

Safin Hasan, The Youngest IPS officer of India

Image Credit: Safin Hasan Instagram

Here is the story of IPS officer Safin Hasan, the youngest IPS officer of India commissioned in the services at the mere age of 22 (too young to be an IPS?!). He is an officer from the Gujarat cadre’s 2019 passing out batch. So let’s read on and be motivated:


Safin Hasan was born on 21 July 1995 in Kanodar village of Palanpur district, Gujarat in a financially weak household. His childhood is a tale of the struggles a common lower-middle-class family goes through in India to even keep the members fed.

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His parents did various jobs to look after their families, His father Mustafa Hasan was a worker in a diamond unit and he used to be an electrician too, His mother, Naseembanu was a worker in a diamond unit too and she also used to work as a cook in other houses, restaurants, and banquets to aid her family financially and support Safin’s education, she used to make tons of food for others just to feed her family a few morsels.

In an interview with The Times of India, an emotional Safin said, “I have seen her soaked in sweat even in cool mornings as I studied in the kitchen”.  He also has a younger brother Asnain Hasan. Currently, unmarried Safin stands 5’ 10’’ tall.

Safin Hasan with his father Mustafa Hasan, mother Naseembanu, and younger brother Asnain Hasan.

Early Life and Education

Safin did his schooling from the SKM high school in Palanpur, Gujarat, and the Ascent school of Science in Palanpur, Gujarat. Further, he pursued Btech in Electronics and Communications from the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat (so he is an NITian).

Hardships in Education and Childhood and Tackling Them

He used to give tuitions to children during his vacations to earn his pocket money. His early education consisted of studying in a state board from a Gujarati-medium school. He was a scholar student so after scoring 92% in 10th he chose the science stream in 11th. Seeing his caliber Safin’s high school principal from a district school too had the generosity to waive Rs 80,000 (reduction of fees by 50%) in school fees, stating that Safin was a “very bright” student. So it was not until the 11th standard that he got to study in an English medium school and learn English.

His Inspiration

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Once a collector visited his school and Safin was awe-struck by the way the IAS officer was being treated with so much respect and had so much security around him. The little boy returned home and asked around what was so special about the visitor and he was told that the guest was an IAS officer and that was the reason he was treated like a king. He was told that being in civil services is a respectable job and it needs sheer dedication and hard work to be one. From there Safin decided that he wanted to be an IAS officer.

Civil Service Preparation

Besides all the hard work his parents put into his education Safin also received timely assistance from strangers including local businessman Hussain Polra and his wife Raina Polra. They spent Rs 3.5 lakhs from their own pocket to fund Safin’s two-year stay in the national capital, including the fees of a coaching institute, his travel, and lodgings for his civil services preparation.

His expenses for civil services and examination were also borne by a couple named Husainbhai and Jarinaben. Once in an interview, he stated, “I share no blood relation with them but we share a human relationship and that is above all. They are the reason I could afford to study in Delhi”.

Safin also says, “People have held my hand and opened doors for me to fulfill my dreams. I would have never become what I have if not for the kindness of society at large”.

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When he was in Delhi preparing for his exams, he frequently used to meet IAS and IPS officers for guidance.

UPSC Attempts

“Success comes with hardships”– and the living example for this is Safin. In 2017 when he was on his way to appear for his UPSC written exam, he met an accident and got severely injured. But he still went on with the examination. After the exam, he had to be admitted to the hospital with injuries on the head, hands, legs, and a tier-3 knee ligament injury and went under surgery. But his efforts and determination paid off and he secured AIR-570.

Now his interview was scheduled for 23 March 2018, but destiny had some other plans. Just one month prior to his interview, he was admitted to the hospital on 20 February 2018 yet again because of a urinary infection caused by his white blood cells (WBC) count crossing the upper count limit.

He got discharged on 1 March 2018 and flew back to Delhi for further preparation for his interview. However, he again had to fly back to Gujarat two days later and was hospitalized as he had a problem with his tonsils and his WBC count had reached up to 30000. Finally recovered, on 15th March he was discharged and he returned to Delhi.

He appeared for his interview on the scheduled date surviving all the medical complications and came out to be the second-highest scorer in the interview. With his score, he got selected as IPS in his second UPSC attempt. Although he always wanted to be in the administrative services, he still joined the police training academy as he just wanted to serve the country.

He once said in an interview, “I actually wanted to join as IAS but I could not clear the exam. Hence I decided to pursue my career as an IPS officer and will use this opportunity to serve my country”.


He underwent training for one year at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad, Telangana and after passing out got his first posting as Assistant Superintendent of police of Jamnagar, Gujarat on 23 December 2019. He is an officer from the Gujarat cadre’s 2019 passing out batch.

Other Facts about the Promising Officer

Safin wants to improve his ranking, even though he is eligible for entry into the Indian Police Service (IPS). He wants to write the exam again to fulfill his long-held childhood dream of becoming an IAS officer.

He loves doing social work and he often spends his leisure time teaching children in slum and volunteering for NGOs for the underprivileged.

He loves dogs and spends his time with them whenever possible.

“He wishes to open a state-of-art residential school for poor children. He wants to pay back society”, his mother Naseembanu told the Times of India.

When he was named the “Youngest IPS officer of India”, he was called by Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani who honored and felicitated him.

This was the extraordinary story of the youngest IPS officer of India. He teaches that no hardship is large enough to be a hindrance in the way of your dreams if you are dedicated to succeeding. Make all the stones a stepping stone and keep moving forward.

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