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Top 5 Services to Edit PDF Metadata

There is no straightforward path available for you to follow and change the metadata of PDF files. However, you don’t have to struggle too hard with it because there are some outstanding tools, which can help you with editing metadata in a convenient and effective manner. Here are the best tools that you will be able to use as of now for editing PDF metadata.

Services to Edit PDF Metadata

1. 2pdf.com

The popularity of 2pdf.com increased significantly throughout the past. That’s because it is a prominent tool available for managing PDF files effectively. If you wish to edit PDF files and get your work done conveniently, you may take a look at this tool. It will provide a dedicated functionality, which you can use to edit PDF metadata. Upon editing the metadata of PDF files, you will be able to save them instantly with the help of this tool as well. Hence, we can highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to proceed with editing PDF files.

2. Edit PDF Metadata

You may think about using Edit PDF Metadata as a tool for editing PDF metadata without a challenge. This is another popular tool that we can see out there as of now for editing metadata. You will be provided with a straightforward interface. Since the main functionality of this tool is to edit metadata, you will not have to go through any major challenges to get the job done on your own. You can simply keep on using it, and it will deliver a perfect experience to you. You can change the modification date and creation date of the PDF files without a problem with the help of Edit PDF Metadata.

3. BeCyPDFMetaEdit

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BeCyPDFMetaEdit is an up-and-coming tool that you can think about using to proceed with editing PDF file metadata. It provides a quick and fast interface, where you can edit metadata and save. Some of the metadata that you can change with the help of this tool include keywords, author name, title, subject, producer, creator, and the modification data. You don’t need to be a tech person to use BeCyPDFMetaEdit and edit the metadata of a PDF file. That’s because this tool is offering the information you need in a convenient interface.

4. Calibre

Calibre is not an online tool, but a tool that you can download to your computer and proceed with editing metadata of PDF tools. It is offering excellent PDF metadata management capabilities. On the other hand, you will be able to take complete control over the metadata of PDF files and manage them with the support that this tool is offering. If you don’t mind downloading a tool to your computer for proceeding with editing PDF metadata, you may proceed with this.

5. Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor

Since Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor is a tool that is available for editing metadata of PDF files, you may think about using it as well. However, this is also an offline tool that you should download to the computer and install before you can start using it. All metadata that you can see in a PDF file can easily be edited with the support and assistance that Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor is offering. On the other hand, you can also replace the keywords of PDF files with the support of Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor.

You can select the most appropriate tool out of these and proceed with editing metadata of PDF files as per how you wish.

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