Pro-Tips for sharing rooms to “Extroverts”

Pro-Tips for sharing rooms to “Extroverts”

Tips For Sharing Room To Extroverts :

Between the age span of 18-30 one may fall into a situation where he/she has to share his stay room with some unknown or known person. And to make this experience less strained and annoying, as it mostly turns out into, there are few major behavioral activities which can be worked out. Yet every situation is not same for all but if you are an extrovert I believe the below mentioned ideas will be of major help if kept in head to depth.   

   Pro-Tips for sharing room to “Extroverts” :                                              

  1. Hold your aliveness: Because extroverts are so much into opening themselves and presenting themselves that some people might see it as irritating or may also use it as your weakness thus they may presume images for you and hold onto them for future. Hence show less of yourself in the beginning, observe and know people around and open only as much as one likes to.            Sharing Room                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  2. Natural but practical: The person you are going to share your room with is not your family, that person is a stranger hence he doesn’t know you and it’s obvious if he shows signs of discomfort towards your behavior. It is suggested for you to act natural as you are but keep looking at the practical scenario and balance your emotions when needed. Sharing Room
  3. Don’t help: Not literally, but if you are a kind of person who naturally expects help in return of some help offered then never do it first, and offer it seldom and strictly avoid at first. Unless the person is about to die, that’s an exception.               Sharing Room
  4. Keep an eye: An extrovert might sometime not mind sharing their stuffs much. It’s cool but till the point when someone is not taking advantage of it. Thus share your stuffs but not like it is of no value show respect to your things so that the other won’t take it casually.   Sharing Room                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  5. The 50:50 ratio: An extrovert is always into some conversation and will always be seen putting up their thoughts, that’s good but not in new places. It is strictly advised to maintain the ratio of 50:50 while having a conversation, that is, equal opportunities of speaking out thoughts. Make sure you don’t interrupt much in other’s talk and allow them to speak.               Sharing Room                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  6. Space is much needed: You people are unplanned and more alive in terms of activity, thus you may be much more involved into activities and work, than your partners. But the others may be are into highly rigid framework and they may find it uncomfortable to have any sudden changes in their plans. For that to work well, you are advised to never ever interfere in their routine unless it’s of some real significance.   Sharing Room
  7. Forced outing is just NOT DONE: Having a day out with friends always brings immense positives in the bond, because experiences are better than possessions between any relations. But wait, they never told you it should be out of pure will, like wholly from mind, body and soul. And you need to take care of this very seriously else what you expect to be a great time would turn into an unsaid friction.      Sharing Room
  8. Art of observing: Now this is like a universal law, this comes with 24*7 practice and is the most important for every person to learn. You just have to pay attention to the expressions and body language of the person you are interacting with. Sometimes what they say may not mean exactly what’s inside their head. And to find what they do mean you will have to learn this art of observing face expressions and body language to get some early signs for you to behave accordingly.       Sharing Room
  9. Money is crucial matter: Just keep one statement for this matter, “Borrow only if you can return in the deadline and lend only if they don’t take advantage of your offerings.”      Sharing Room
  10. Never let doubts grow into issues: If you sense there is any point where doubt between you and your roomie is emerging, discuss it right then than having a whole bunch of arguments and unspoken tension for rest of stay. Stay at calm and polite while discussing.Sharing RoomAlso Read:

Pro-Tips for sharing rooms for “Introverts”


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