Loosing Compassion? For The Glory Of Nothingness.

child crying

Small Child Crying And Pleading Over Study. Are We Loosing Compassion?

In the beginning for few seconds this video circulated over the internet where a small child crying and this video may remind you the days of innocence of your childhood, but then from behind the frames when you hear a loud agitating scream followed by the innocent helplessness of a child crying and her infuriated frustrating plea to her own guardian to teach her with love, that is when it all seemed off-putting. “Pyaar se padhaiye….” (Teach with love) that is what the girl said and broke down in somewhat a minor emotional agony, little did the tormented soul know that this world of today unfortunately is filled with the people carrying unintended ruthlessness.

The subsequent images grew into even more darkened portrayal of insensible and torturous efforts of teaching, mere counting to the child, surprisingly by her own guardians. On the contrary they are supposed to teach love, compassion, empathy, kindness and all the other beautiful human emotions, which by the way this world of ours need pretty much more than the dcounting. And the last few seconds comes with a whacking shock, if observed deeply,  when the innocence of the kid was all lost in the excruciating images of getting successful in learning to count and to suffer the needless tormenting as well. More than the kid, i feel pity on people like her guardian who are not even able to realize such tormented state of their own child.

All said and explained, but in a brief i would rather like to mention the factors leading to it so that when you grow yourself as a person you never repeat mistakes like these. Because of the dominance of  the outgrown insensibility and the lack of understanding of actual manner of living, we are all blindly and nakedly running for an insignificant glory. Let’s just #HopeNotToBeThis.

We did see some reactions from famed cricketers too against the child abuse in the video, and again just a hope for any of us #NotToBeThis-

Small Child Crying  

Small Child Crying  

Small Child Crying 


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