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Spotify Free vs Premium: What you should know about it?

This article is about the Spotify free vs premium subscription plans. Here I will tell you about the significant difference between the Spotify free and premium plans. Spotify is a popular music streaming application available globally. More than 500 million downloads on the Google play store and millions on the Apple app store these numbers show the vast user base of the application.

Now talking about the free plan, You have to listen to more ads than the songs, basic sound quality, no offline downloads. And there are several other limitations with the free plan of Spotify. But if you subscribe to any premium plan of the application. You will get Spotify premium benefits like your own playlist creation, offline downloads, and most special in all of them is no ads and some more features, which I will tell you in this article in detail.

Spotify Premium Benefits

You have already read the brief difference between Spotify and Spotify premium features. So let’s get further and see, is it worth getting Spotify premium or not?

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The main benefit of purchasing a premium plan on Spotify is that you don’t have to listen to more ads. Yes, it is very frustrating that you are enjoying your favorite songs and as a song change. A random advertisement popped out about anything. It interrupts the flow and kills the vibe.
But in the free plan, you have to listen to ads after every two or three songs.

  • Unlimited Skips

In the Spotify premium pack, you will get unlimited skips of songs. If you are streaming on the computer, then there is no problem but listening to music on your mobile limited to some skips. In the free plan, they offer you six skips per hour. Suppose you are listening to your favorite playlist, and suddenly one song started playing, but you don’t like that song. Then what will you do? Of course, you will skip that song and jump to another song.

  • Offline downloads

It is also a great feature that comes under the premium plans if you want to download your favorite song, which you can listen to anywhere without using the data because it is saved on your phone. I want to tell you. You can’t access these songs in your phone storage whenever you want to listen to your downloaded songs. You have to open your Spotify application.
But in the free plan, you can not download any song. You have to stream it online.

  • Audio Quality

Yes, you read it right; there is a difference between the Audio quality of the songs between the premium plan and free plan. In the free plan, you will get 64kbps on mobile and 160kbps on a computer. And in the premium plans, you can stream music up to 320kbps, which will enhance your music experience and song audio quality.
So those are the differences between the Spotify free vs premium features of Spotify. Below I will tell you the various premium plans which Spotify is offering right now.

Spotify Premium Plans

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Spotify is offering various plans as per your need. All these plans come with one-month free access to premium features. Right now, there are four plans available if you want to opt for its premium plan and which are individual, duo, family, student plan.

Spotify Premium Plans
Spotify Premium Plans
  • Individual plan

It is the basic premium plan of Spotify for the individual being, and you will get every premium feature like offline download, no ads, unlimited skips. This plan will cost you $9.99/month.

  • Duo

This plan is for couples; you will access two premium accounts under this plan. You will get all premium features under this plan, and also, you will get access to the duo mix playlist. This plan will cost you $12.99/month.

  • Family

In family plans, you will get six premium accounts for family members, access to the family mix playlist, all premium features. You can also block explicit music and also get the Spotify kids application for the kid. This plan price is $14.99/month.

  • Student
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This plan is for students. In it, you will get Hulu(ad-supported) access, all premium features. This plan’s cost is $4.99./month.

So after knowing these major differences between Spotify free vs premium plans. It is clear that in premium plans, you are getting more benefits. And the special one is that you don’t have to listen to ads and also download songs. It is amazing, and purchasing a premium plan is your choice, but you must go for the Spotify premium plan if you are an avid music listener.

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