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The Story Of Anmol Rodriguez – A Girl With An Invaluable Smile

The Story of Anmol Rodriguez – An Inspiring One For All Of Us : 

Anmol Rodriguez, a name which any of you might have not ever come across or would; but while you all are busy in making money, possessions, names which would fade out eventually along with your graves, this lady has already achieved the purpose of life and that too in the most unfavorable circumstances.

As a member of a society where people are judged even for the smallest differences others carry, I may very well presume what would be your first reaction on looking at this sheer beauty; but guess what? She doesn’t give a damn about that pathetic perspective. And there would, of course, be some generous ones out there who are taught to express their unneeded and unrealized respect and sympathy for every difference they encounter around, without feeling the true values behind. I tell you this is no place for you people as well. The story of Anmol Rodriguez is one of the gentle beings who value life as just life. Who know that it’s perfect just the way it is.

“When they were all misguidedly digging into viciousness; she chose to simply breathe, live, smile, and inspire.”Anonymous for Anmol Rodriguez

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I truly haven’t known any backstories of her but seriously I am just not interested in what she has gone through because she doesn’t seem like she has gone through anything brutal or vicious and I just want to look at her the way she is indeed. I didn’t even google her before writing this, cause why would I? To look more into the differences we have described for her. All I want to see and all that I can see is something which I seriously can’t describe in words.

But those who see inspiration in every little or huge form, shape, and color of life, this lady can make your day. And I would genuinely request everyone, who naturally are inclined to the unnecessary pity or compassion to shower upon someone assuming that he or she would need it, don’t waste your energy doing so cause more than her you probably are in need of all that pity and compassion for you are the one who is unable to deal with your little worthless issues.

This lady! She utters immense beauty, the truest form of power, unimaginable level of confidence, the love, the life far beyond the skies. And I am truly fortunate, blessed, and honored in a way I can say, to have an encounter with such a source of strength.

She is playing with life in the way the ultimate supreme made us play like so it’s in no-possible-way her misfortune, the thought which many of you might be getting hit with every second; rather if we see it otherwise, we are so small and we have packed our pretty souls into an inch-sized obstruction of ours that we are failing life at every step.

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She is sheer beauty, she is the reality, true inspiration, the aptest blend of all the human emotions and properties from the point where I look at her. I fall in love with this lady every time I look at her pictures and so I felt like sharing this love for the ones who really are searching for the presence of The God, to help them meet their destinations.

I Introduce you to Anmol Rodriguez

Here are some old and new pictures Anmol Rodriguez. She is Instagrammer who also runs an NGO Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation (ASSF) and talks about how despite being attacked by acid and abandoned as a toddler, she has a positive outlook towards life.

Update: Now she is officially on Facebook and Twitter both.

  • The perfect match for these dresses, you are.anmol-wearing-beautiful-dresses
  • And you are all set to make my heart fly girl.

Anmol in white dress

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  • Just let me go down deeper into your eyes to seek what I have always looked for.

anmol rodriguez instagram


  • That’s quite sassy and sexy. Can I ask you out on a date, if that’s cool with you? 

Anmol intagram image by Bhavini Damani

  • You look great without these silly filters, trust me, lady. (**wink**)

Anmol with her brother

  • I see the abundance of life there on your face. Pass me some. 🙂

Anmol birthday

  • Lucky people, I would just say that. 

Anmol Rodriguez with friends in rain

  • Now the winds are getting fortunate this time, tell me when I will be getting the turn.

Instagram post by Anmol

  • That looks pretty cool.

Anmol random Instagram post

Recently Ranveer Clicks a Selfie With Anmol Rodriguez. She is doing an advertisement for Kotak Mahindra Bank with him.

Anmol Rodriguez with Ranveer Singh

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And Anmol Rodriguez thanks a lot for allowing me to write for you. Love and just lots of love.

*All the images are taken on permission from Anmol Rodriguez. Special and a huge thanks for that as well.


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