The Bounce-Back Of The Most Disregarded Team – Pakistan


In the last decade the Pakistan cricket team may have got exposure to more than 60 One Day International tournaments out of which they could upheld the crown in only 27 tournaments but  the astounding part is that out of all these wins only  4 series were against the big teams considering the rankings and their performances. This somewhere already drew the image of Pakistan cricket team as one of the weak teams on the international platform. However, this whole gloomy record gets an overcast when you realize that except one tournament, Pakistan have not got a chance to play on their home grounds in last decade.
Lacking the experience on international level, no extra-ordinary performances from any of the experienced players since long showing the missing motivational elements, fresh faces in the team, an ill-considered leadership, wrath and discouragement in and out of country due to the consistently inefficient performances and for the political reasons the team of Pakistan surely was in no way a team which could have won an ICC Champions Trophy Tournament. In fact an article by Hindustan times published upon the win of Indian team to Pakistan in the first face-off even raised the question of whether to boo them or show pity on them. Instead of all the possible reasons present there to justify a yet-again loss in one more big tournament, the shocking booster in the tournament made everyone in the cricket fraternity to rub their eyes and believe what they were seeing.

Champion Trophy 2017-Pakistan Team

Indian media on the other side consistently made irrelevant statements and under-estimated the team so much as like a gully-cricket-team which showed the highly insensible and politicized side of the media. In the course of applauding the Indian team the behavior and the irreverent attitude of the journalists of the most media organizations towards the Pakistan cricket players were extremely unacceptable on the grounds of sportsmanship.

Despite all the negative forces the Pakistan Cricket has emerged into as world class team winning with huge margins against two top cricket teams England and India in the semi-finals and the finals. At last the current Pakistan team did get successful in making a place in the champions-board by scoring their second highest score against India in an ODI match and winning it with the huge margin. They deserve the respect from all. Take a bow.


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