The Greatest Social Experiment about 인계동 club girls

Bad 인계동 Girls Club has been off the air for over 5 years now, and since rewatching it on Hulu, and with all the talk about Baddies, I’m realizing they missed a huge opportunity with the show. Of course, putting a bunch of young, cute girls in a house and making them fight is going to attract viewers like 인계동 룸싸롱.

I watched the show all through middle and high school, and I had a lot of friends who did too. Bad Girls Club has always been an interesting reality show to me, because it seems like they thought they said so much, but said so little.

The show could have been a great social commentary or even a great social experiment, but instead,d it’s only known for its insane fights and memes. In this video, I want to break down several aspects of what living in the Bad Girls House Is Like, the culture created within the house, ad some of the missed opportunities the show had to storm the girls.

A lot of people don’t even know that the original point of the show was to reform these so-called bad girls and make them better people. Tanisha Clip So let’s go ahead and get into it. Part I: What Makes a “Bad Girl?” Strategic casting is part of what makes Bad Girls Club Bad Girls Club.

The goal is to find 7 “Bad Girls” from all walks of life and put them in a house together. Producers aren’t searching for the 7 loudest, baddest of the bad girls, but for a combination of girls that will create conflict and make good TV.

It seems like this is a mix of girls who want to fight for the sake of fighting, some molaid-backack personalities, minions, and girls who like to throw rocks and hide hands. Lauren from BGC 6 says production intentionally catgirls who they believed would fight, or provoke the other 인계동 girls into arguments.

In later seasons, the show casted 인계동 girls who had Internet drama with each other and were enemies before even being on the show. WWinterfrom season 16 said she was intentionally cast on the same season as Zee, as production knew they’d argued previously on Instagram when she accused Zee of copying her tattoo.

I’ve also noticed that there’s usually a disparity in the girls’ upbringing. The show seems to purposely pair together girls who had rough upbringings with 인계동 girls who are spoiled princesses, seemingly in hopes that conflicts will arise from it.

The show leans more toward casting these girls with rougher upbringings because they’re less likely to have had healthy examples as far as conflict solving, and therefore often resort to arguing or fighting.

Part 2: Life in the Bad Girls House According to the Official Bad Girls Club Wiki “The girls are thrown in the house and are there to co-exist and must tolerate everyone to “make it” to the end of the season.

They accomplish this by staying in the house without being removed due to physical fighting.” When the Girls arrive, there’s usually a honeymoon period and they all get along and bond and enjoy nights out.

Usually, if there’s any drama early on, it’s because someone didn’t get the sleeping arrangement they wanted, or said something offhand while meeting the rest of the girls. Inevitably one of the girls upsets another and they eventually take sides, and factions form.

In every season, there is a clear divide amongst the girls in the house, be it the girls are split in half into 2 teams, or the entire Bad Girls house is against 1 or 2 girls (Shanrock). The girls take these factions seriously and will bully any girl seen as being a “traitor” to her group.

There’s no respect for the 인계동 girls who want to remain neutral or want to be friends with everyone in the house e. These girls are usually called fake flip-floppersers. And I feel like some of the girls did stand on their own because they truly didn’t need to hide behind the other girls for strength.

Others, I do agree, did play both sides. You can’t mention “teams” in the Bad Girls Club without mentioning the 2 teams that form every season: the original girls vs the replacements. (replacement! Yelling edit) No matter how much the original bad girls might hate each other, they almost always hated the replacements more.

Some girls in the house went as far as vowing to never be friends with a girl before even meeting her just because wase’s a “replacement On multiple seasons, the original bad girls do initiation to the replacements to show them “What it’s like” to be a bad girl and live in the house.

These can include hiding the girl’s belongings, throwing her mattress, or icing her out and ignoring her. It’s interesting to point out that by doing this, the bad girls admit that living in the house is awful, but they’re the ones responsible for making it that way.

It’s as if the original bad girls see the replacements as automatically inferior because they’ve spent less time in the house. There is real psychology behind why the girls do this. Regardless of whether all the original girls like each other, they still form what’s called an in-group.

All these girls are similar in that they entered the house on the same day, and while they may not like or trust every girl in the house, they’re familiar with them. The replacements, however, who form the out-group, raise automatic mistrust in the girls, simply because she’s an outsider.

Fear is one of the most common emotions to arise from mistrust. The origin areas likely aren’t scared of the girls in the house like a monster under the bed sense, but in t, hat they’re unsure of in what ways the new girl will disrupt the norms established in the house.

Because of this, the 인계동 girls typically ostracize the newcomers to assert their dominance and protect these norms, and themselves by extension. In addition, several people derive personal value from having a group mentality.

Havian us vs them mindset creates a scenario in which you belong and is accepted, and this is emphasized further by the fact that there are people who are not accepted. In addition, humans are susceptible to ingroup bias, in which people believe a certain group they belong to is inherently better than the opposing group, of course, because we don’t tend to think of ourselves as being on the inferior side.

There are several cases, though, where Bad Girl Replacements refuse to be mistreated because of their status as “Replacements”. Camila from Season 8 (whoop her ass Camila) didn’t let the girls intimidate her.

She showed them she was not to be messed with- often going to the extreme- and made it onto several spinoffs and became associated with the show more than many of the originals. Wilmarie from Season 6 is another example of a “Replacement” who held her own despite the girls antagonizing her.

I wouldn’t have messed with her. Though some replacements were ostracized upon their arrival, it didn’t make them immune to perpetuating that behavior when other replacements arrived. Elease was treated terribly by most of the girls in the house because of her replacement status, but as soon as there was another replacement, Elease continued this same treatment.

And it just goes to show that a lot of people are okay with being made inferior to someone else as long as they perceive someone else as inferior to them. Al so, this doesn’t just go for the replacements either.

Because they bullied Slim day in and day out on her season, but she started turning up on Delila the first chance she got. In general, the girls were just holed up in a mansion where they drank all day, other than when production let them go to the club or get their nails done.

Spending a lot of time drinking and being in such close quarters increased the likelihood the girls would fight. They were allowed to make landline phone calls to friends and family members and had access to a shared computer.

Seven from season 17 said production told the girls on her season that the experience was the closest they’d probably get to being in jail. It’s still not exactly clear to me where the line is drawn as far as fighting goes.

There were times when all-out brawls happened, or the housemates jumped another girl and didn’t get sent home. Even in some mutual fights, one girl got sent home for taking it too far, rath than er both being sent home for fighting in general (Mylin Sarah).

For example, Wilmarie and Nikki had fought previously in the house, and Wilmarie even hit Nikki with a lamp, yet Neithwasere was sent home. Nikki also started the altercation that ended up getting Wilmarie sent home but was still allowed to stay in the house.

I think Christina fought in every episode she was in and still made it through the I didn’t mind when she put Julie in her place sometimes though. It also seems like the producers sometimes let it slide when one girl has only been provoked, like when Jela hLaurenren after an argument stemming from Lauren saying tn-worded.

ProThe productions allowed girls to be jumped several times across the seasons, which I think should be an automatic elimination. I think the most brutal jumping was from season 8 when the Victor twins got jumped.

Gabby later said that production told them it was going to happen before it did, and sent the girls into a room to get beat up. I think one of the lamest moments in reality tv history is when Britt attacked Dalila.

Yes, Dalila was talking reckless as hell, but so were Britt’s other housemates and she didn’t get that bold with them. But then she wanted to fight Dalila because she was an easy target. I couldn’t stand Britt.

Like it truly felt like she was trying to show off in that moment and it backfired cause her ass got sent home. But Even when the girls attacked someone who wasn’t fighting back, they were sometimes allowed to stay.

An example is when Alicia and Valentina, who are absolute losers for this, threw stuff onJanaee and hit and kicked her after she was already leaving the house. I think this is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen on the show.

It also drove me crazy how the show was so lax about the girls touching and destroying each other’s property. It always seemed dumb to me that the girls in the latSearsonsons even brought expensive or designer items into the house after seeing how previous girls’ belongings were treated.

The worst case of this by far was on season 14 when the rest of the girls in the house destroyShannonnon, shan nade, and aJelah’sh’s belongings. The three girls left for a night out and when they returned, they found their belongings, thrown all over the house and damaged with water, paint, and urine.

One of the twins claimed that combined, it was over 200 thousand dollars in damages. On Tumblr, Jelah claimed that the situation was even worse than had been shown on camera, and production did nothing to help them.

She said: No one will ever understand or be able to wrap their heads around what happened to Shannon, Shannade & Ime Yes, 인계동 girls in previous seasons have had their things touched or thrown in the pool, but never permanently destroyed.

Tonight’s episode will be like pulling an old scab off of a wound. This situation has affected our lives forever. It was funny and it may be entertaining to watch, but it’s not. Do you realize that the water Shannon pulled shoes and purses out of was full of bodily fluids?

No one tried to stop her from touching that contaminated water. That was a health risk on its own. Did anyone acknowledge the fact that they let a security guard attack me? Or how about them not answering the phones when we called production?

How about when we had to run into the street screaming for help because they kept cutting the phone lines and when 911 was called they told us never mind. We all went to the hospital that night. I sprained my arm which still hasn’t healed properly.

They paint us out to be this superficial & stuck-up bi **** when we really weren’t. The majority of the time we spent in the house we had to defend our character and our natural being against girls that were from a different side of the tracks.

Despite being the ones whose belongings were destroyed, Jela and the twins were kicked off the show for threatening the other girls. When they saw their damaged things, they went on a rampage and destroyed the house.

Jela said if they could, they would have succeeded in burning the house down. She said they knocked out several windows, pulled the fridge out of the wall, and basically ruined everything in sight. Jela said if production wasn’t going to do anything about their belongings, then they’d at least have to pay to repair the house.

Apparently, it was Mel B AKA Scary Spice’s house. In the aftermath, the twins and Jela sued, claiming that production knew it was going to happen, and did nothing to stop the other girls. She also said that she and the twins were manhandled and threatened by the security guards during the altercation.

Jelah and the twins sued the show, and they were actually one of the first to do so in 14 seasons. Several of the previous girls who planned to sue had been discouraged, other than Kristen from season 5, who had been drugged on the show.

Not only had it been caught on camera, she also ended up getting in a fight while under the influence. Kristen was actually removed from the house that night for the fight. She said, “I had no idea where I was and I had to go to the ER overnight.

They later discovered someone put PCP in my drink. They can’t show it on the show because then that guy could sue for slander. I am honestly really upset they didnt explain that during the show. I think its really messed up how the entire story wasn’t ever shown on air, whatever.

DONE!” Luckily, Kristen was able to obtain the footage for her lawsuit, and settled with production. Part 3: Bad Girls (And Bad Tv?) Aside from being on TV a lot of the girls claim they come to the house to “better themselves”.

Season 2 actually required that the girls have jobs, and were required to keep them for the duration of the show or be eliminated. Season 2 is probably more remembered for Tanisha Thomas, who’s appearance and her several altercations with her housemates raised ratings for the show.

Fun fact about me, “I ain’t get no sleep cause of yall was actually my senior quote back in high school. Season 3 added the Bad Girls Club creed, which was, “A Bad Girl knows what she wants and how to get it.

She makes her own way, makes her own rules and she makes no apologies. A Bad Girl blazes her own trail and removes obstacles from her path. A Bad Girl fights and forces her way to the top with style and beauty.

A Bad Girl believes in jumping first and looking later. People will love you. People will hate you. Others will secretly wish to be you. A Bad Girl is you.” While a couple of the earlier seasons had slightly more of a focus on reforming the Bad Girls, nearly all the others seem like there’s no purpose other than having the girls fight for our entertainment, and then cry about how they came to the house to “Change”.

They can’t change when they’re living in a party house with endless alcohol and no structure. It’s not like production is encouraging them to grow and change either. Erika from season 9 said that the very night they arrived in the house, it was stocked with every type of alcohol imaginable.

Production often spread rumors amongst the girls to start drama, or made girls participate in the drama in order to receive a “good edit”. Some of the girls have also said the producers didn’t send girls home for fighting as long as they constantly stirred things up in the house.

In season 7, it was actually producers who told Judi to throw cereal on priscilla. On the Bad Girls Club Wikipedia page, it says, “If the cast members engage in violence or break other rules, they are considered for eviction under the show’s policy, which is enforced by the producers.

” So that does make it seem like there aren’t any hard and fast rules for getting kicked out, rather it’s left up to the producers, and I’m sure they play favorites. Production also had a habit of allowing the girls to be dangerously violent and turning a blind eye despite recording it.

In season 7, Shelly put bleach in Nastasia’s eye contact solution. This was caught on camera, though no one on the production team stopped Shelly from doing it, or stassi from wearing the contacts. Instead, another girl in the house warned her.

This resulted in stasi going home a night early after beating the brakes off shelly for contaminating her contacts. To put the show back on the “fixing Bad Girls track”, they added life coach Laura Baron in Seasons 12-15.

(To You) clip. Life Coach Laura has made her rounds on other reality TV shows and even has an iMDB page. Her personal website says that she is “sought of regularly by the media for her expertise” (Clip of Laura yelling at someone) .

Laura’s only real purpose on the show is to make the girls bring up their traumas for the audience’s entertainment under the guise of it being things they “want to work” on while in the House.

It makes me wonder why they went for a life coach instead of a licensed therapist if they truly wanted to help the girls. All Laura does is pick the girls apart with no genuine sympathy and no constructive intent, and it’s kind of obvious that she’s not above arguing with or belittling the girls for her TV moment.

Laura was an unnecessary addition, and I think it was an attempt to justify the show being on the air for a decade at that point. If you watch how she talks to the girls, it’s never really with the intent to help them, but to get them to open up with personal information for the audience.

Also it is so clear that so many of these girls are struggling with some sort of substance problem, and it’s enabled so that they’ll make good tv. For example, Judi should’ve been removed from the house.

She so clearly had a drinking problem, and they honestly used it just to get funny moments and fights out of her. They would also use it as a plot point that they acknowledged in moments where they wanted to make the show seem serious, but nothing was really done about it.

Not only did they do it on her original season, but continued to invite her back. The most they did was put Judi and some of the other girls on drinking limitations, but there’s no word on how strictly they were enforced.

The girls barely got paid to be on the show. They made about $500 a week, which is $2000 a month. The girls had to buy their own food while in the house, and pay for nights out when production didn’t take care of it.

If they did things production didn’t like, they were docked. Danni from season 8 said that she lost $350 of her $500 weekly check for refusing to put on a shirt. Aside from that, they probably had their own personal expenses to maintain, even though they weren’t working while in the house.

So, the pay definitely isn’t worth it, especially if you’re putting your career on the line by being on the show anyway. But it begs the question: why is being on bad girls club worth it? The only noticeable benefit is exposure.

Many girls from the earlier seasons like Tanisha Thomas or Natalie Nunn have turned their fame from the show into a reality TV career. Tanisha went on to become a television personality, and host several reunions of bad girls.

Natalie hasn’t become any less insufferable and is currently… basically in the same place in life. Instead of tormenting other people as a housemate, she’s now tormenting people as the producer of the unaffiliated spinoffs, bad boys, and baddies.

Once social media became more popular, many of the girls were able to angle their time on the show into becoming influencers, and musicians. Girls like “DreamDoll”, Winter, and the Clermont twins have used their appearance on the show as a launchpad for a career outside of Reality TV, though its still in the entertainer/ model/ influencer realm.

I feel like if you’re going to show your ass on this show, then it’s good to have a plan to become successful with social media because you’ve probably just limited your opportunities in other fields.

Some of The girls have said that their stigma as a “Bad Girl” makes it harder for them to find a job outside of influencing and entertainment (Gabby stigma BGC). Even though some of them were on the show like ten years ago at this point, their time on the show still follows them.

While researching, I found out Elease from season 8 used a fake name on the show for this exact reason. Her real name is Kadianne and she’s a successful real estate agent. Another way I feel like social media ruined the show was that in the later seasons, production definitely tried to go for girls who had a big following just to get people to watch.

It also became clearer that girls were just going on the show for attention. On Season 15, which was the Sister Season, Diamond and Olivia lied their way onto the show by pretending they were sisters, when they were in fact exes who just wanted their 15 minutes of fame.

The reunions were basically a bonus episode of the show. The girls were invited to see each other one last time, usually several weeks or months after their season wrapped. Some of the girls hadn’t seen each other since the fight which sent them home, and often more drama had transpired on social media in the meantime.

During the reunions, the girls were also shown footage that they hadn’t seen before, and it often brought to light some of the other girls’ sheisty behavior they thought they’d gotten away with. The most unforgettable reunion definitely has to be season 9, where Julie got doused in all sorts of condiments and juice, and definitely got some brain cells knocked out of her head.

I think my second favorite was from season 12 just because it had so many stupid quotable moments, my favorite being when Lo asked Jada why her dress had a collar. Really, the reunions usually created more problems than they resolved.

So what was the point of Bad Girls Club? I don’t even think the show could really answer that question itself. As seasons passed, the show teased bigger fights and made themed seasons “like East vs West Coast” and the aforementioned “Sister Season” to try to hold onto ratings.

The show had no real premise and missed the mark on showing any correlation between being in the Bad Girls Club house and intentional, positive change. The show also missed the opportunity to take a deep dive into why women form the social groups they do, to the point where the social dynamics in the house played out more or less the exact same across 17 seasons.

There’s no commentary on social dominance, or what makes some girls leaders and other followers. There’s also no mention of what being essentially cut off from society with only a group of strangers to socialize with does mentally.

The girls are sleep-deprived and binge drinking daily, both of which increase the likelihood of conflict and bad decision-making. The girls learn no real problem-solving skills or how to deal with personalities different from their own.

Having real therapists or life coaches interact with the girls (or at least observe their behaviors) would have provided some insight into why these girls behaved the way they did, and would have given the show some purpose.

Bad Girls Club could have easily taken a few steps to make it one of the most memorable reality shows of all time. The show could have branded itself as an experiment on social interactions, or mob mentality, or female community building a la The Wilds (admitted these girls wouldn’t have made it stranded on an island).

The most entertaining yet purposeful route would have been some sort of experiment on how easily people can be convinced to follow a crowd, especially young women prone to falling back into bad habits.

According to psychologists, only about 25% of people have the ability to not be heavily influenced by a group’s behavior, which explains why the girls fought so much, and were prone to jumping. Even girls who claimed they weren’t fighters typically found themselves in multiple altercations while in the house.

It would have been interesting if instead of aiming to cast girls who were quick to fight, to cast 5 girls who weren’t fighters and truly believed they couldn’t be brought to that point. The other 2 girls in the house could have been plants hired by the show to test the girls and see at what point the girls would break, or see how quickly they would take part if they witnessed violence in the house.

That might sound unethical, but if the girls were going to be provoked to fight anyway, it could at least be purposeful or educational. The entire show was unethical anyway, but it would have been nice to have people trained to deal with their behavior on set.

It would also contextualize the girls’ behavior instead of painting them as crazy or “bad”. Brian Lowry of Variety thought that the producers made the “wrong decision” when they created the show.

[9] He believed that the cast of Bad Girls Club auditioned for the show for their 15 minutes of fame, which to be fair is why anyone auditions for a reality show. He said that Bad Girls Club “arrived a little late in this game, on a channel lacking the kind of exposure or public footprint to qualify the show even as the stuff guilty pleasures are made of”.

I agree because especially in the later seasons of the show, I just stopped watching because all the girls did was jump each other and argue over the smallest things. And, the older I got, the less interesting it was to watch.

If the show wanted to truly take the “I want to turn my life around the route,” they could have for one, hired a real therapist to help the girls, and given them more incentive to not fight than sending them home (which, based on how disgusting the mansions get, sounds like a reward instead of punishment).

Personally, I think the show should have taken the “Too Hot to Handle Route” and created a fund of prize money and deducted it from it every time the girls fought. This would have hopefully caused more of them to think twice about fighting and actually forced them to work together.