This Act Of Innocence Is Alarming!

This Act Of Innocence Is Alarming!

There is certainly no legit parameter to decide the innocence of social being and so is not to judge them. However, when we talk about innocence we do imagine of the faces of small little kids and have always been denoted their characters as innocent. Indeed the innocence has always been defined as the trait of children for they don’t know what they do and what does it mean.

The video shown above shows a boy and a girl both seemed to be of age less than at least 7 or 8 years, this video was found being circulated on internet and was getting thousands of reactions, some found it funny, few called it the new age impact and majority criticized it by saying that the generation of future is certainly moving for their own disaster.

Now hang on there, what the kids are seen doing above is surely not showing any sign of innocence but the kids don’t understand the seriousness of their act. By saying seriousness of the act nowhere it is an intention to define sex as an act to keep off the knowledge of kids, sex is pure; it symbolizes the creation and has the most important role for life and its existence. But the kids do not have any idea near to that, they are seeing it being talked and discussed as a matter of fun and entertainment; for the sake of life they are not even ready biologically for it so technically they don’t have any feel either for that act. Heedless of all that, they are indulged in an act which they think brings some sort of entertainment, for them it’s like every other act of exploration of the world around. Hence, any statement against them would be a pointless argument then why have we posted it on our website to spread it; it’s an effort to ignite the torch of the think tank over reason for this unnatural course of action. It is like an 80 year old person needlessly trying run like a 20 year old boy which is so unasked for. So when I try to understand the reason behind this I realized it is somewhere the unseen and unnoticed effect of the age we are living in. As children we learn what we see and listen to not mostly what we are instructed to which clearly shows the age we have come into doesn’t matter how much development is being done in the direction of technology or living standards we undoubtedly are ignoring the most important fact to maintain the balance between nature and the material. Thus, it is not the kids who should be taught and told to do certain things, it is the society which will have to look upon them and see where they are leading the next generation. A question is needed to be asked within.


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