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Now Book Unreserved Ticket Online From UTS Mobile Ticketing App

UTS Mobile Ticketing

Now you have not to wait long in the queue for booking unreserved ticket or platform ticket. Indian Railway has launched a new mobile application named UTS last year in Nov 2018 for Android and Windows both. This UTS mobile ticketing app is very useful as it is promoting cashless traction, queue-free booking and generating a paperless ticket. Passenger now has not waited long in the queue for the window unversed ticket.

Passengers using the UTS mobile app can travel without taking a hard copy of their journey train ticket. To avail the UTS app facility, a passenger should be 25-30 meters away from the railway station and at the same time, he/she is allowed to book unreserved tickets. It should have been more flexible so that the person is able to book the ticket for a far off location as well while in a hurry to catch the train.

>> Download the App << 

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There are many features of this unreserved ticketing system like-

  • Booking Ticket – Book tickets on frequently traveled routes.
  • Cancel Ticket – Cancel a ticket before taking a printout at the kiosk. This is not valid for paperless tickets.
  • Booking History – Show older booked tickets.
  • Profile – Maintain passenger information.
  • R-Wallet– You can recharge your wallet and pay directly from wallet balance.
  • Show Ticket – Displays the ticket for the TTE to scan and verify.
  • Help– Helpline number, FAQ, App introduction.
  • Logout – Successfully log out from the application.

How to Register and Book On the UTS Ticket Booking?

For Registration –

Only registered users will be able to take advantage of this service. If you are not registered yet, then look through the process above to clarify things. Once done, go to the login page using credentials received on your handset. Make sure that you enter the credentials correctly because incorrect login inputs can lock your account for one hour three times in a row. After an hour you will be able to book any ticket through the app.

uts mobile ticketing app

  1. You have to download the UTS from the Play-store or Window Store.
  2. Click on Login > Register >
  3. Fill all the details like mobile number, your name, password, gender, DOB and click on generate OTP.

For Booking –

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  1. Booking > Normal Booking/Quick Booking/Platform Ticket/Season Ticket.
  2. Book and Travel (Paperless).
  3. Select your Origin Station and your Destination Station.
  4. Choose No of Ticket (Adult and Child) also the Train Type (Ordinary, Mail/EXP, Super-fast)
  5. Select the payment method i.e R-Wallet or DC/CC/Net-Banking/UPI
  6. Book Ticket. Your Ticket is successfully booked.

You can now show the ticket to TTE from the Home under Show Ticket menu. TTE will be able to see the exact details of the booking including starting and ending point of the journey. TTE can also scan the QR code of the booking through his/her Ticket Validator Device and confirm the booking.

Hope this article is helpful for you all please do share with your friends and family on your Facebook and WhatsApp also go and download UTS mobile ticketing app 🙂

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