10 Best Low Light House Plants

These green-leafed beauties come in various shapes and sizes. They can be variegated and can have split leaves like a monstera. These are also versatile when it comes to size


These trailing babies are one of the most common plants for beginners. They can grow from a few inches to several meters and can cover the whole roof or ceiling of your home.

Devil’s Ivy-Pothos

Whoever said that nature is an artist was right, because look at the leaves of a calathea plant. Looks like the canvas if the best painter in the world.

Prayer Plant

I am pretty sure that this is the elder sibling of a calathea plant in nature’s family with longer and pointed leaves, but with somewhat similar patterns.

Chinese Evergreen

Sibling of Calathea and Chinese-Evergreen but dumber.

Dumb Cane

If you love colors, then these plants are for you. These look like tall and well-structured grass with a crown of colorful blooms on their head that can last up to a year.


You can literally grow lucky bamboo in one of the shelves of your house. Also, they can thrive in water.

Lucky Bamboo

This plant literally looks like a glitch in the matrix with its infinite rows of identical solid green leaves. So if you are a sci-fi fan, get this guy.

ZZ Plant- Zanzibar Gem

It is pretty compact with big leaves so it is great for small spaces. This plant also comes with “pink” leaves; do I need to say more?


Caladiums are like the over-expressive Syngonium with more colors, patterns, and variations in the leaves.


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