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WEED! For more than what you know?

Some briefs to get going

I guess you are already excited just about laying your eyes on the topic “weed”. Actually, weed for our generation has become one of the most important aspects of our life with its trippy nature and some sort of mental restfulness that is achieved after consuming it. But it would really be not so great to learn that the weed plant that we consider so useful is actually termed as a “no significance” plant or “a plant in the wrong place” as the weed plant grows without any human intervention or upkeep.

Weed plants are one of those kinds which grow in any of the farms, fields, roadsides etc without any effort and are considered as a species that can survive in diverse environments and reproduce quickly. The weed could well destroy your plants or crops. This is because weeds compete with crop plants for water, light, and nutrients. There are methods to stop the unwanted growth of weed plants by using herbicide chemicals as a spray. And enough for the introduction now, you would be very least interested in the agricultural aspect of the weed. So let us get going to something else now.

Smoke weed every day? | Myths and Weed

There are multiple myths associated with the word weed and the use of it in our life, one of which is –

  • You can get high just by consuming raw weed

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raw weed
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Really? How can you think that bit? For weed to actually get over your brains, you need to heat it up with a fatty substance(like butter) and then to be consumed orally. Only then you’ll be able to work it out.

  • Weed is addictive and you can’t chuck it easily

addiction weed

In reality, it is not the addiction of the weed, but rather the dependency of the brain i.e. mentally on any substance like a weed. It is called mental attachment. In fact, It’s cocaine/heroin that is addictive.

  • Smoking weed is worse for your lungs than cigarettes

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smoking weed

Though it seems to be doing the same level of devastation to your lungs, according to the studies and surveys, the smoke from a plant produced pot does much less harm to your lungs when compared to nicotine rich cigarettes. Also, the consumption is different too, where a chain-smoker puffs away a full pack in a day, while a pot smoker won’t be any close to that quantity.

  • Weed impacts your memory power

Weed impacts your memory power

It has also been misconceived that consuming weed might deprive your short term memory capabilities. While there hasn’t been any proof to this side of the story, the regular pot lovers only consume it for short-term peace and there isn’t any case of long term memory loss as such.

  • Weed stays in your body for 45 days

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weed detection time

While that seems complete maniac to me, commonly the weed you consume clears off in a matter of few days. But yes, if you are a regular smoker, it is contained in your body fat and will stay for like a month or so. So, stop flunking and go hit the gym.

India! How much do you grow and eat?

The production of Weed, specifically Cannabis is becoming a big hit in India and also globally. The legal business of weed goes up to $7.7 billion globally, which is a big number when a business of a plant extract is concerned. The amounts can go as high as $31 billion in the year 2021. It seems like the business of weed puffs much higher than it actually gets a person high.

In India, the cultivation of Weed has been only legalized in Uttarakhand starting last year and this is the reason why pot has become much popular in places like Rishikesh and the hill stations of Uttarakhand.

Still, the production and consumption are not yet fully legalized in India, yet there are multiple start-ups that are working with the Cannabis plants mostly in the cause of treating illnesses like Alzheimer’s and others. The problem that persists here is that the start-ups need to import the raw weed from China or rely on production in Uttarakhand as there’s nowhere else to get the raw material.

While the production is yet to take a hit in India, the consumption of Weed is, on the whole, another level with an age group of 15-64 being the main consumers of the pot. India consumes about 3.2% of the weed of the whole consumption in the world. This figure sure is a reminder that it’s not a new gig for our Indians to be in the top list of worse knacks. Cannabis as a drug is produced and distributed in three major forms in India:

Bhang”, “Charas”, “Ganja”. Ahan! Sounds familiar enough?

Medicinal possibilities of Cannabis

medical cannabis

As we discussed various means of getting high and feel trippy as best, let us discuss some of the medicinal use of the Weed which is again an interesting fact to know about, so that the next time you be smoking pot, recall all the health factors at the same time. The actual use of the Weed in medication is done in the form of raw weed which cures many ill-fates.

The following illnesses are currently being tested to be cured with the medication process using raw weed plant:

  • Inflammation in a body part.
  • Pain and Seizures.
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS) i.e. loss of muscle control.
  • Mental disorders.
  • Substance use disorders.

Some women have also reported using marijuana to treat severe nausea they have during pregnancy but it definitely is not recommended by the doctors as it is not safe while women being pregnant.

Possibly any disease that involves any sort of pain can be treated with the help of Cannabis. It could treat headaches, a disease like cancer, or a long-term condition, like glaucoma or nerve pain.

Doctors may also prescribe medical marijuana to treat:

  • Muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis.
  • Nausea from cancer chemotherapy.
  • Poor appetite and weight loss caused by chronic illness.
  • Seizure disorders.
  • Crohn’s disease.

And how much it can contribute to the economy?

marijuana impact on the economy

As we discussed above, the market value of the business of marijuana worldwide is nearly 7-8 billion dollars currently which is well a significant percent of our economic value. The production and cultivation of this weed alone generate a lot of employment out of it.

  • More than 2,00,000 full time and part-time workers are already employed just in the USA which is also eventually predicted to be around 4,00,000 by the year 2021.
  • With the legalization of weed, the commercial properties sky-rocketed at a stretch with household properties also taking a huge success of about 6% in the stock market.
  • The tax collected from the cultivation and selling of this goes on a whole new level with only the state of colorado collecting a shy of 247 million dollars in the year of 2017.
  • Adding the taxes of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Alaska amounts to be nearly 144 million dollars.
  • Just talking about the taxes, New Frontier suggests that federally legal pot could generate an additional $131.8 billion in aggregate federal tax revenue by the year 2025.
  • Studies also suggest that nationwide legalization of marijuana could generate 1.1 million more jobs by the year 2025. This enough seems a strong reason to be invested in it.

Such huge amount of taxes can be used in the development of the strong nation and India should be taking notes out of it as it is lagging far behind the world in maintaining its GDP and economic power.

And here is to the end, with this article we do not promote illegal consumption of weed. Why would we do that, to go, and get inside the jail? Obviously not.

These are just facts, what you have to do with them is completely your choice. And remember one more thing; balance is the way for life. So when you, by any chance get into the habit of consuming such substances, always keep in your mind, the consequences of all kinds are on their way. Good luck!!!

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