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21 weird websites on the internet that will blow your mind

Weird Websites on the Internet

Our Internet is full of interesting, funny, shocking, and weird information. So far you had used many of the websites on the internet, but today we will tell you some of the weird websites on the internet that will make you laugh and compelled to think why they were made?

Top Weird Websites

Here is the list of top 21 Weird Websites on the internet. After checking this you will realize why these are made? Take a look!

1. Cat Bounce

Weird Websites cat-bounce

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Do you love cats? On cat bounce, cats are falling like rain! and after that, they will bounce around your screen like little furry bouncy balls.

2. Nooooooooooooooo


When something turns out badly at work or in some other part of your life and you want to shout as loud as possible, at that point have a sense of security in the learning that you have an asset which enables you to press a catch to get moment help from your agony or worry without individuals believing that you’ve lost the plot totally.

Head over to visit nooooooooooooooo.com, popup on your earphones, and press that blue catch the same number of times as you feel fit to do as such. Darth Vader will carry out the responsibility of shouting for you.

3. I Look Like Barack Obama

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i look like barack obama

A stupid man set up a website to promote the fact that he looks like Barak Obama.
The guy is known as “Trevor” reckons he looks at the spitting image of the ex-president of the United States of America.

4. E-Paper Toilet

Weird Websites E-Paper Toilet

Scroll unlimited toilet paper on your phone while sitting for the toilet. I think its a bad joke 😀

5. Snap Bubbles

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Snap Bubbles

Have you ever received a gift that came with bubble wrap and it was better than the gift itself? Now you can snap them all day long! Enjoy, as you pop virtual bubbles at SnapBubbles.com. Snap Away!

6. Pug Licking your computer screen

weird website funny website

If you open this website then a pug will start licking your laptop or computer screen. It’s like a fun who loved dogs.

7. Patience is a Virtue


Do you have patience? Then open this website and just wait until you will be 90 or die.

8. Endless Horse


The person who created this site is obviously mental and this is a definite cry for help. Help him if you can. The king of pointless websites! One of the strangest websites I’ve ever seen. A horse with never-ending legs. Keep scrolling hope you will reach to the bottom of this page hahaha.

9. That’s The Finger

thats the finger

When you want to show someone a middle finger but he is far away from you. Then this will surely help you, send him the URL of this website he will get his gift lol.

10. Quick Drawing with Google


If you are getting bored in your home or office and you want some time waste then this tool will help you. You can check your drawing skill this will tell you what exactly you are drawing.

11. Circle Divided into Equal parts

weird websites

This is quite an interesting website when you move your mouse toward the circles, it will be divided into 2 equal parts then 4 then 8 and so on. Enjoy!!

12. RGB


Another simple and weird website that’ll create a sound of alien and Say “RGB” loudly at you through your computer speakers. By the way, RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue if you don’t already know.

13. Map Crunch

Do you like traveling? By this website, you can travel any random place in the world. Move your mouse to change direction and go forward.

14. Gravity Point


There are small sperm-like dots moving here and there. When you click anywhere on the screen they will start going to follow that point.

15. Animated Boogie Woogie


Broadway Boogie Woogie is a painting by Piet Mondrian completed in 1943. This website is an animated version of his painting. It’s a tribute to this legend painter.

16. Wut da Fuk

Really I don’t understand why this website is created. I think the developer is a party animal.

17. Smiling Pink Cube

A very strange website that features a smiling pink cube that positions itself in the direction of wherever you put your mouse.

18. Feeling UnLucky

feeling unlucky

Google’s famous “Feeling Lucky” button took you directly to the first search result for any query, without ever loading the page. This is literally the opposite, as it takes you to the last search result for any query. Practical? No. Weirdly cool? Yes, yes, a googol times yes.

19. Pay For Nothing

pay for nothing

If you have lots of money in your account then you can spend them here and you will get nothing. Yes, you heard right Nothing!

20. Move Now Think Later

Move Now Think Later

A giant checkers board where the pieces move on their own and you have no control of. After sometimes on seeing this website your eye will start paining. I am sure about this.

21. Like Me Please

please like

There is nothing in this website expect a small Facebook Like Box. Till now 346k people like this page on facebook. Don’t know where these people come from.

Hope you will not want to visit these weird websites again in your life to waste your time. Happy Reading and Enjoy by sharing this wonderful article. Also, see our one more interesting post below.

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