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What is Love ? | A true meaning of Love

What is Love? | A true meaning of Love

What is the true meaning of love? I ask myself: What is it that makes your heart skip a beat just by looking at someone? What is it that makes you feel more alive, positive, and calm by just being around that person?

Unexpectedly, if on a social networking site someone’s profile pops up as a suggestion, suddenly a very normal heart rate starts rapidly jumping up and down! Or that time when you get to hear the voice of someone very close to you, or that time when you get attached to someone not only with their physical presence rather you connect with their belongings and their spaces as well, what is it all? Are they all completely different emotions and feelings, or they are just different aspects of one emotion?

true meaning of love

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Love? What is it then, again I ask, What is the true meaning of Love? There are some things that can only be known by experiencing them. Love falls into that category. In general, that is what people’s definition of love is. Perhaps, they are right. Then there have been many people in human history as well, who have claimed to understand human emotions more than the general definitions and experiences of love we are told about, consciously or unconsciously.

Now, can we ignore all those radical explanations of an individual’s experience, cause if we do for them, then we will have to ignore all the other general understandings as well and would have to rely on just personal experiences? But this itself becomes too unmaneuverable for dealing with emotions. As by its very general nature, emotions have always revolved around the idea of an invisible chain of action and reaction between more than one being or between the one and the creations of one’s thoughts about a separate entity.

And the source of any emotion has always been considered into external things( e.g. He made me angry!, She is the reason why I’m crying ???? etc…etc), which eventually gave birth to too many emotions from too many external and self-made sources. Finally, it evolves into hundreds of unconsciously developed emotions and makes it uneasy to control these many numbers of them.

Well before asking for love, this being an emotional factor, we must understand what an emotion is? Where and how love gets its place in it? And do we really understand emotions and love’s play in it or we have just named some random reactions as emotions?

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Okay! Here is what Google dictionary says about emotion, “A strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.”

true meaning of love

“An emotional state or reaction”, and this is what Google claims the ‘feeling’ to be. Did you notice that cleverly and artistically designed literary wordplay over there? But it did leave out a clue with the word “reaction”. So if the ’emotion’ in actual has any relation to ‘reactions’ then I would prefer not going into deeply for it, as then it might all turn into a philosophical lesson. However, I would not mind touching this subject for a bit of digging.

Reactions are, if in any way, associated with the emotions? Then we must realize the most natural reactions of humans and we must keenly look at what do we find there? What we will understand that humans have the most natural reaction of curiosity, the most apparent reaction. For that statement to be understood radically, we should observe that the most natural embodiment of a being in human species is the born child and its only reaction is curiosity.

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However, we may also look at the other side of it and see it as that the memory accumulation can also be one of the nature of humans, and dealing with them is just a mere natural consequence. But then again, there are those people who seem to live life without being attached to those memories, which are the causes of all the reactional turbulence. So, we can at least conclude from it that if we leave the personalized skills attained for dealing with this turbulence we can clearly understand the emotional reaction in its most natural occurrence is calmness and curiosity.

Hence, now if we have slightly understood the subject of emotion we should look into it for Love if it resides there. Now, to get to that we must need to understand the first love emotion experienced or that reaction which later might have got tagged as love.

The first experience of love for any human gets evolved from the reactional connection built with the person who remains closest in physical to that human, be it a mother, a single father, a maid, or the grandmothers.

And if we look deeper into it, we would realize that it is the degree of physical intimacy or even the expectation of it is the source that may stir up certain natural reactions. And those got misinterpreted and got propagated by expressional sharing of emotion, by humans. Now some may call in the emotions of fear and compassion as also the part of natural human emotions.

A big nay! Cause clearly they both have their sources from physical aspect thus they are fundamentally a physical reaction, not the emotional reaction.

true meaning of love

Okay! now getting back to the topic, the physical intimacy causes certain physical reactions leading to an idea of unification and a feeling of being an important part of something. That realization of being a “completeness” in its small form suddenly gets a biological push and calls that feeling of completeness as love.

And that’s why, you now understand, some people leave their parents even, to marry someone; as their urge for completeness goes up and above all of the other emotional forces. Those people are never wrong or right. They are just looking for completeness in the name of love.

Then what is it, really?

So, to define love in one sentence, we can say it is one of the most natural reactions of a human’s subconscious personality, after calmness and curiosity. Its source, like that of every other emotion, is within us only.

The triggers exist outside, for sure. Very unfortunately though, we are highly overloaded with the other factors due to imbalances in dealing with those other emotional reactions.

Okay! So, I would give it a break and allow you to continue from here on. Give it a thought for a very short time, cause you never know, a thought may push you closer to the love. Good luck! finding true love.

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