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Women Empowerment – From the eye of the most ancient culture

Women Empowerment – From the eye of the most ancient culture: You, me and the billions of social beings are the witness of how this new age social system, where the women are being introduced to the wholly untouched side of life for them earlier, where the women who are not earning some economic wealth are considered of less worth and as of weak components of the developing society, has affected adversely to an absolutely essential phase and culture of family values in the tree of being’s life.

Now before any feminist, women’s liberationist or any intellectual body raises up their voice for the support of working women I would rather try to make them understand few important ideas which are needed to be put in their head. Just hold your horses and allow my words to clear every doubts and question in your highly developed brain. And to begin, let’s get to the starting line; when a being is born with more than just a mass of flesh, with a brain and energies residing within of immense capabilities then that being would certainly need a special kind of care, precisely the caution in the amount of food or heat or air that newborn being is getting. Thus there are multiple dozens of cautions and necessities to be dealt with; but to make them logically understandable there are two categories actually of requirements:  one is of physical development and the other is of value developments and here is where the whole structure comes in play. To provide such needs the jobs has to be assigned and before understanding that we must understand that both the needs are equally important hence the job assignment has to be perfect in terms of the capabilities and potentials. Again to the intellectuals, I would request to restrain their neural functions and allow me to further provide some strength to my words.

Here both the being, the male and female are equally capable of potential energies however there are certain nature-defined details and beauties of their own which no matter how much we try to equalize won’t come in parallel and that asks for their distinct responsibilities in the flow of life.

Women Empowerment – From the eye of the most ancient culture
Women Empowerment – From the eye of the most ancient culture

Now turning the needle to the practical approach of the modern age and try seeing it from the view plane of the philosophical context when the work of women, which was to provide the foundation of a being’s life by nourishing it with the truest energy of love and compassion, were started being taken as of an act of no worth then only this all empowerment scenario began to shout out loud and totally devalued the true worth of the role the women were playing in the society. By supporting this ideology I don’t claim or announce that the women are made for that one restricted job only, surely they are able of million other jobs, not only the ones which the male societies are considered dominant at but in fact, they are even able to create new jobs for the others to follow, after all, they too are a human being.

Empowering or De-towering from actual
Women Empowerment – From the eye of the most ancient culture
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 “We must have to realize that empowered are not only those who hold the share in economic wealth, but we also have to re-attain respect for the grandness which love and values hold in the development of society as a whole and of beings as an individual”.  The women if are participating in the economic wealth formation then I would request them that the interest and intention for the participation should not be for proving their worth cause their worth can never be determined in the physical sense, thus a women must not be forced to define their worth in any plausible manner either by economical participation or contribution in family building. But the job they are most strong and needed at is the job of taking care of family and we as the fellow being should have never made them feel of less worth for their much-needed job on first as they were already empowered there was no disability I could see in looking after the family however the loss is only ours, unfortunate are those who don’t see it. And yet again I see in the race for economic wealth we lost the strongest design and structure of a developed society.

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